Tip Series

New Tip Series from Disc Golf Mart
Here at Disc Golf Mart we have some 50-60 years of combined playing experienced at all levels.  One of our main objectives in Disc Golf is to do what we can to help new players enjoy this game as much as we have over the years.  During those years we have been given tips from some awesome players we have met along the way and would like to pass along some of those tips to you in our all new Tip Series.  We have people asking us all the time how to improve their game and this will be our attempt to answer some of those questions in advance.  These Tips won't interest every player in the same way depending on factors like playing level and experience.  Please just take them for what they're worth in the same spirit by which they are offered.  Lets all just have fun out there!

Tip Series #1
If you are getting interested in this game of disc golf and are seeing improvements in your game but are confounded by shorter days and the coming cold temperatures, we might make a suggestion. Start planning for next season now. Playing outside during the winter months is more about survival and while it can be adventurous it's not the time to really improve your game. If you remember the old adage: "you drive for show and putt for dough" we would suggest using these winter months to work on your putting skills. Find yourself a place to practice, maybe a garage, basement, spare room (even the backyard or local course). Set up a target like a portable basket, a pole, suspended rope/string or anything else you can come up with to putt at. Set up a schedule leading to 100 putts per day 5 or 6 days per week. I guarantee that when the season starts again next year your scoring will have improved significantly.

Also, if you want to maximize your putting practice, try waiting until the chains stop rattling before making that next throw.