Plastic Guide

Basic: DX/Pro-D

These plastic lines are affordably priced and provide an excellent grip in a variety of weather situations. They wear in with usage and over time will take on new and varied flight characteristics. Many top pros carry several Basic discs of their favorite models to provide different flight patterns for different situations. These plastic types are perfect for trying a new model making them the perfect starting place for beginners.


Middle Grade: Pro/R-Pro/XT/Elite-X/Jawbreaker


The middle grade plastics offer increased durability over the basic plastics and provide an enhanced grip when compared to the ultra durable plastics. They also provide additional glide when compared to the other plastic types.


Ultra Durable: Champion/Elite-Z/Big-Z/Z-Flx

The ultra durable discs are distinguished by a clear pearlescent plastic and their superb durability which retains its original flight characteristics for an extended period of time. Whether used in heavily wooded situations, or on extremely rugged courses, these plastics will continue to perform predictably and avoid avoid damage better than any other plastic type.


Premium: Star/GStar/EchoStar/ESP/Titanium 

These premium blends offer the same outstanding durability as the plastics, with an improved grip . High performance, longevity, and superior grip makes these plastics the ideal choice for your game.